Showed “Today’s Student” video ethnography from Wesch.

What is Web 2.0? – Definition from Tim O’Reilly website also Josh Porter

Facebook & Myspace
Not sure what the education uses are for these pages
Bennington’s Crossett Library
Librarian looks on these sites to find books that students like, orders them and then comments to the students to let them know they are in the library
Educause states that 80% of US college students have Facebook accounts
Used for recruitment
Created a Facebook profile for the conference
queequeg83 is presenter’s profile
Research project
require students to use a specific tag so things are easy to find for everyone

People could take pics of class or project work and let people comment

The Electric Sheep Company
OnRez GUI for SL
Great content in SL and transportation is free
Steep learning curve for non-gamers
Sexually oriented regions
Technical difficulties

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