Staff Development Training
Required on her campus
Typically just guest speakers
Not a lot of enthusiasm
Stick versus carrot approach
Need for tech training
Plan of Attack
Develop the idea
Assemble the team
Select topics
Generate excitement
Implement the plan
Evaluate the mission
Celebrate the results
Develop the Idea
Ask the staff
Incorporate their ideas
Look at past success
Make it fun
Make it active
Make it useful
Give them choices
Assemble the Team
Involve staff members
Find some creative types
Ask your HR people and trainers
Tap your informal experts
Add some detail people
Include a communicator
Select the Topics
Ask the people who know
AV Department
Continuing Education
Generate Excitement
Create a teaser
Set the stage
Establish the mood
Build anticipation
Get your presenters talking
Send out samplers
Give them an unusual gift
They gave out flash drives with the college logo
Implement the Plan
Develop a timeline/assign tasks
Have administration participate
Keep the theme and fun going
Remember the details matter
Involve participants
Be flexible
Have chocolate and caffeine
Evaluate the Mission
Be observant
What worked
Put all documents on the flash drive and saved print costs
What could be improved
Debrief with all presenters
Broke out into small groups by functional area
Asked specific questions about the technology they use
What one thing did they learn
What training did they need in the future
Ask for specific feedback
Sent out a survey
60 responses out of 140 attendees
Celebrate the Results
Thank presenters in person
Acknowledge their contribution in writing
CC supervisors
Share the feedback
Inspired presenters to come up with topics for next time
Highlight the successes
Were getting a lot of feedback about how the training helped
Worked better than they had hoped
Tech fears can be conquered
Began to understand what was possible with tech
Tech can make life easier

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