A typology of information & Communication technology users – May 2007 http://www.pewinternet.org
Survey of 4,000 youths and adults
Classified them as user groups
30% of population are elite tech users
8% omnivores – all over the place technically
7% Connectors – second wave of online users
8% Lackluster veterans – have been using tech for a while but don’t like it
8% Productivity enhancers
70% Middle to low tech users
10% Mobilecentrics – like mobile tools (cell phones)
10% connected but hassled – frustrated about the tech
8% inexperienced experimenters – older generation
15% Light but satisifed
11% Indifferents – very basic tech needs
15% Off the network
77% of tech users are white
30-49 age group use tech most
Used this data to help with their overall tech plan
Want to make sure that they support the right tech
Faced with typical challenges that all institutions face
Instructional tech and admin tech working very close together so support is seamless
Need to be able to execute plans
Make sure resources/funding/energy are available
Strategic Planning Model
Came up with a 3 year cycle plan (for budgetary purposes)
Evaluate & Plan
Address Resources & skills
Improve Infrastructure & tools
Improve Processes
Create flexible, evergreen technical environment
Transform web environment
Rebuilt core site
Use Reddot CMS
Was run by marketing but now more de-centralized
Improve tech proficiency and adoption
Staff & students
Invest in more support
Deliver real-time, reliable information
Use Banner
Enhance the integrity, safety and security of tech and data
Leaning more towards freedom and making it as secure as possible
Create a technology services organization with a reputation for excellence
Project management software used in this process
Institution now has a 500Mbit connection to the internet
Wanted to make sure the infrastructure would be in place to support new tech
4 Key Changes
Review resourcing requirements
Evaluate skill sets
Found that some people were in positions that they weren’t trained for
Moved some people around and increased efficiency
Redeploy & recruit
Implement performance management
Investment in people (training)
Equipment Leasing
Preserved Capital funding for other expenditures
Helps to avoid obsolescence
Attractive lease packages for education
Outsourced services for imaging, tagging, theft protection, deployment and retirement
Added community and content modules
Moved to ASP
Integrated with Banner
Moved to 7.2
Will be using Community system for intranet
Transform hardware into software
Emulates hardware via software
Saved about $300,000
Doubled capacity for servers
Electricity and cooling costs dropped $80,000/year
Deploy a machine in a matter of seconds
Can clone system for testing systems
Disaster recovery – distributed resources, no interruption of services
Reduced network cost
Reduction of man hours
Moving to virtual desktop infrastructure
Utilization of thin clients
Could move you from 3yr replacement to 7yr

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