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If you are interested in Science related activities in Second Life then this is the place for you:


Experience new features in Excel and Word that speed up and automate the process of researching academic topics and creating well-organized reports. Both of these applications have new time-saving features that simplify complex research and reporting. Learn new ways to create conditional formulas in Excel, automate tables of contents in Word, and use the Research Task Pane across all Office applications.

Andy’s Notes

The first part of the session was too much of an overview of the “ribbon” and where tools are now located and not focused enough on Research and Reporting. The things I did learn:

  • Conditional Formatting (found on Home ribbon) – Has been enhanced with built-in formatting options
  • Table of Contents tool (found on References ribbon) – Makes setting up a table of contents very easy

Browse free online courses.

If you have ever wanted to give a web tour or present a series of web pages to your class this tool could come in handy:

Create presentations on the web using pictures from Flickr or your computer.  You can add audio to the slides and users can comment in audio as well.

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