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iTunes U is a free service for qualifying colleges and universities. Leveraging the innovation of the iTunes Store, it’s a powerful way to manage a broad range of audio or video content and make it available quickly and easily to students, faculty, and staff. Learn how iTunes U can be successfully deployed on your campus.

Andy’s Notes

Another great session. I learned that I could create tabs in classes on our iTunesU site that would allow students to upload content for their instructors. Apple is continuing to work on automating a lot of functions when you offer a lot of content. Looking forward to expanding its use on campus.


Very interesting session. Harvard is working in a Virtual World called “River City” that can collect information on every student interaction within this world. This data is then mined to help try to determine student progress/success within the course. They are working to make this feedback immediate so that instructors can assist students early if they are having problems. 


Experience new features in Excel and Word that speed up and automate the process of researching academic topics and creating well-organized reports. Both of these applications have new time-saving features that simplify complex research and reporting. Learn new ways to create conditional formulas in Excel, automate tables of contents in Word, and use the Research Task Pane across all Office applications.

Andy’s Notes

The first part of the session was too much of an overview of the “ribbon” and where tools are now located and not focused enough on Research and Reporting. The things I did learn:

  • Conditional Formatting (found on Home ribbon) – Has been enhanced with built-in formatting options
  • Table of Contents tool (found on References ribbon) – Makes setting up a table of contents very easy

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