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Here is an update about the Course Management Review from the Distance Learning Council meeting.

  • Everyone is concerned about cost and vendor responsiveness
  • Two-part strategy
    • Decision support tool
    • Develop RFP specific to certain elements
      • Consortium
      • Single colleges
      • College groups
    • “Pick from” list document as deliverable
  • Requirements
    • Creating list of features for RFP
    • Will send RFP to vendors late August/early September
  • White Papers/Decision Tools
    • CMS decision criteria
    • CMS costs
    • Hosting strategies
    • Visioning studies
  • Open Source Evaluation
  • Also looking at open source CMS but they don’t respond to RFPs
    • Can look at companies that provide support for open source
      • Could get RFP from them

I saw the prototype a few years ago at the League’s Conference on Information Technology.  It has changed quite a bit.

David Kopf, “Securexam ‘Cheat-Proofs’ Remote Test Taking,” Campus Technology, 6/13/2007,

Linda L Briggs, “NYU College of Dentistry Takes Textbooks Online,” Campus Technology, 6/13/2007,

Very interesting article on the “Net Generation”.  You will need to create a free account to access the article, but it is worth it.

David Nagel, “Preview: Angel Learning Island on Second Life,” Campus Technology, 4/17/2007,

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