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This article made it to the front page of the Tacoma News Tribune today.

A project is in the works to acquire an island in Second Life to be used as a testing ground for all the Community and Technical Colleges in Washington State.  This is pretty exciting news!  If you are interested in finding out more about the project just visit the wiki:

Very interesting session. Harvard is working in a Virtual World called “River City” that can collect information on every student interaction within this world. This data is then mined to help try to determine student progress/success within the course. They are working to make this feedback immediate so that instructors can assist students early if they are having problems.

Watch the demo!

If you have ever wanted to give a web tour or present a series of web pages to your class this tool could come in handy:

Sometimes it is hard to keep up…

Using your phone to post blog messages and more…

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